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Eurotrip was brought to us by the fine folks behind such cinematic classics as Road Trip and Old School... except this time they couldn't get any big-name actors to sign on (for lead roles at least). Moments after graduating from high school Scotty is dumped by his incredi-hot girlfriend Fiona as she reveals that she's been cheating on him the entire time. Sloppy drunk from the typical post-graduation house party, Scotty sends a nasty email to his Russian pen-pal thinking that its a creepy dude trying to get all up on his twig and berries. Turns out, "Mike" is "Mika" a sultry Soviet that Scotty is now apparently in love with (hey, it's the movies people). Naturally, Scotty and his best friend Cooper have the time and the means to travel to Europe on a quest to find Mika, meeting up with their worst-twins-even friends and having a slew of misadventures along the way.

Original Release: 2004
Running Time: 93 minutes

This isn't where I parked my ratings...
(Need a rating system reminder?)
Hardee-Har-Har - $2
In no way is this a smart film... A combination of toilet and locker room humor, along with witty one-liners and surprise cameos kept my belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly (I really need to do more abs). Even simple repetition of moderately funny jokes and subtly hilarious t-shirts keep the laughs coming from beginning to end.

Repeat Play - $2
The first time I saw Eurotrip, Marty and I watched it while Nick was out doing something lame. It finished just as he returned home so we sat him down and made him watch it with us again. If it hadn't been so late by the time that viewing ended, we probably would have gone for number 3. Since then I'm not sure I can count the number of times I've watched it on all my fingers and toes... maybe if I use another appendage that will be enough.

Hello Ladies - $2
This may not be completely fair since I have the unrated version of the DVD but... wow. Mika, Fiona and even Jenny (played by Michelle Trachtenberg) keep something pleasing to the eyes on the screen at almost all times. Add to the the scattered toplessness of Mika and countless extras, and you've got yourself some happy male viewers.

Pump up the Jams - $1
In what I thought was a nice touch, several parts of the movie had European covers of relatively known songs. What really earned the dollar here though was the main track "Scotty Doesn't Know" that reared its catchy head in many forms... originally played by a punked-out Matt Damon at the graduation party, it also returned as a techno remix in a Bratislava dance club and again as Cooper's ring tone. I watched Eurotrip yesterday morning and over 24 hours later I am still humming it around the house. Still not convinced? At least one of the guys in my house even made it their own ringtones!

Romantics - $0
Normally I wouldn't even consider this category for a comedy, but since the entire basis of the film is "Scotty loses love, finds potential new love, screws it up and crosses the Atlantic to fix potential new love" I felt that I needed to at least give it a try. What a mistake. The acting itself was as bad as one would expect (but still tolerable considering the genre) and it was at its worst when they were trying to talk about anything romantic. It all felt WAY too forced and just kinda silly. Oh well... better luck next time "comedy romance with no-name actors".
Total Rating: $7

Eurotrip isn't as stacked with big-name actors or as popular as some of its brethren films, but if you go into it expecting and willing to just let yourself be entertained you will not be disappointed. Here's a fun fact... it's actually better than some of the other dirty comedies that came out around that time or since! I say give it a try, and let me know what you think. Until next time...

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