Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just Friends

Just Friends is a comedic romance (as opposed to the standard "romantic comedy") starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart as two childhood friends that never quite became more despite his desires. After an epic embarrassment at their high school graduation party, Chris Brander (that's Reynolds' character) leaves town with no plan of coming back, goes off to college and apparently gets a job on the west coast in the entertainment business... or "the biz" for short. A freak travel accident finds him back home for the first time in years and he bumps into various characters from his past, including Smart's Jamie Palamino. The thinner, less awkward and more lady-savvy Chris feels the need to impress his high school love and keep the psychotic pop-star stuck in Jersey with him under control. Having to deal with family and all of the other fun elements of being back in a small town after not living there for years sets him up for all of the (what I consider standard) awkward conversations and run-ins. I'll leave it at that though and get on with the ratings...

Original Release: 2005
Running Time: 96 minutes
Hardee-Har-Har - $1
I enjoy Ryan Reynolds... his comedic timing and delivery are generally spot on and this is no exception. He plays both versions of Chris Brander (fat and nerdy versus rico suave) very well. Besides Reynolds and Anna Faris (who plays pop-star Samantha James) though, there isn't much in the way of comedic gold. Other folks are funny, but these two deliver the vast majority of the ha-ha.

Repeat Play - $1
Just Friends is a good random filler movie. It's fun, it's funny and just about anyone can enjoy it. My friends that have seen it are usually willing to see it again, and those that haven't generally want to after I tell them a little about it. It doesn't leap off my shelf, but it also doesn't collect as much dust as some of the others.

Hello Ladies - $1
Amy Smart is an attractive young lady. That is not in question at all. I do have to say though that I think Anna Faris is hotter in my eyes. It shouldn't be in question that she's easy on the eyes, but being the funniest young female in recent cinema puts her up a few notches in my book. OK... so she does the Scary Movie flicks and that's nothing to write home about... but she's still funny folks. Tell me I'm wrong.

Romantics - $1
It isn't extremely romantic but the idea of going after one's high school crush has a certain sense of "awwww". I made a point earlier to call this a "comedic romance" instead of a "romantic comedy" because the humor is what takes the driver's seat here. The core of the movie is about Chris's quest to gain the affections of his high school crush and that is at least remotely romantic, right?

Billicious - $2
I tend to enjoy the Reynolds comedies... Just Friends, Waiting, Van Wilder... but this one is extra special because a lot of people say this was made about me. Let me elaborate... I wasn't fat in high school (I was actually 30 pounds lighter and I'm still fairly thin) but apparently I am known for the friend zone. Whether I try to or not, the "nice guy" thing gets me out of the dating or make-out pool quicker than the Flash makes it to the bathroom after eating Taco Bell and drinking a caramel machiato.
Total Rating: $6

I saw Just Friends in the theaters with a few of my own friends and we were not ten feet from the front door before everyone with me chimed in that we had pretty much just seen "The Bill Story: Ten Dollars with Change Back" on the silver screen. It's a fun movie if you are or if you know the guy stuck in the "friend zone" and pretty much everybody is one or the other. Whether you agree that I'm Chris or not, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie so feel free to let me know. Until next time, remember... no day dates!


Meg said...


Do you ever give reviews $0.50?

or like, $0.73?

are we dealing exclusively in one- dollar increments here?

Ten Dollah Bill said...

I've been trying to stick with the dollar increments, but I've been finding that with that too many of the final ratings are too close to each other... perhaps I will evolve to the $0.50 increment in '09... anyone else think this would be a good idea?