Saturday, January 31, 2009

30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night is another in the growing list of movies based on graphic novels. Since I'm sure most of my readers don't give a hoot about the comics, I will continue to just focus on the movie version. In 30 Days Josh Hartnett plays Sheriff Eben Oleson, the main policeman in a small Alaskan town. This particular town is subject every year to... uh-huh... 30 days of night - they are without sun for roughly a month straight based on their placement in Earth's rotation. (The More You Know!) Well this particular year things start getting a little weird with cell phones being stolen and sleigh dogs slaughtered. As night descends Eben arrests a stranger causing trouble in the local diner, and this stranger warns them (not with good intentions) of the coming trouble. That trouble makes it's presence known in a big way as a troup of vampires arive and begin the buffet. Eben and a small group do their best to hide out and fight for survival as the days go on and the unwelcome visitors paint the town red.

Original Release: 2007
Running Time: 113 minutes
Death - $2
There is a group of vampires that don't have to worry about sunlight for a month in a town whose population has no way of leaving... hmmm... I think there's a couple pulses stopping. Come ON people!!

Critters & Creatures - $1
Vampires themselves don't really earn many points in this category, but the unique take on these creatures of the night in 30 Days gets them a dollar... and I was tempted to give more. They are very reminiscient of Nosferatu and I love the way they have their own language and how you can tell how each of them were turned at different times and in different parts of the world by the clothes they're wearing. A great take on a classic movie monster.

Repeat Play - $2
This is one that finds its way into my DVD player on a fairly regular basis. I can sit and watch it or throw it in while I'm running around the house doing laundry or pretending to clean. It's just a great scary / thriller / vampire movie and one that can be seen repeatedly without getting old.

Shock Value - $1
For the most part this is your standard human vs. vampire flick. There is a bit of a twist at the end, but I can't really say much here without giving it away. So, let's just leave it at the fact that it is a dollar twist not a two dollar twist.

Action and Ass-Kickery - $1
I hate to keep comparing this to other vampire movies, but it's hard not to. So with that in mind, there isn't really as much "action" as I had expected. There's still a decent bit but it is really more of a thriller than a big action film. I'm not complaining here, because it works well, but I can't in good conscience give it a full dos pesos.
Total Rating: $7

I know a lot of people that aren't big Josh Hartnett fans but I have to admit that I dig the guy. He's had some solid performances in leading and supporting roles and this one is one of my favorites. While I still have not read the graphic novel, I keep watching the movie and will one of these days have to pick up the trade paperback. Whether you read it or not or like comics or not, as long as you like a decent blood-sucking cinematic experience then do yourself a favor and get your hands (and eyes) on 30 Days of Night. Until next time...

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