Monday, January 19, 2009

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead is Britain's comedic take on the recent zombie-flick popularity. We follow Shaun, a guy in his late 20's that really hasn't made solid efforts to progress in life with his work or his woman, as he fouls up for the last time and gets dumped pretty much just as a zombie virus starts to spread through the country. Valiant at heart, Shaun convinces his lewd best friend to help him on a rescue mission to save his mom and win back his girl Liz. Since this is a zombie movie, however, nothing is ever allowed to go as planned so they find themselves sneaking through town to seek sanctuary at the pub. Shaun must finally step up, take lead, and act like a man if he is going to keep his loved ones alive and survive himself. Simon Pegg leads the cast as Shaun and brings his ever-enjoyable humor to a genre that historically has taken itself too seriously. A fun blend of frights and delights, Shaun of the Dead is sure to please. Enough of that though... let's get on with the rating.

Original Release: 2004
Running Time: 99 minutes
Death - $1
There's a bit of death here... it is a zombie movie after all. But compared to other recent z-flicks that I have watched (and enjoyed) the numbers are relatively low. They traded in the skull-splitting for side-splitting laughs, and I would say it worked out for the best in the long run.

Hardee-Har-Har - $2
How'd you like that segue? Shaun of the Dead is a really funny movie. It has a bit of the more subtle ha-ha, but each of member of the motley crew with Shaun bring with them distinct reasons to laugh. It isn't going to have your beverage coming out of your nose, but I guarantee you will laugh in one way or another through most of the movie.

Repeat Play - $2
I could watch this movie once a week and still not get over it. In fact, I was baffled when I realized it had disappeared from my collection and I went directly to my local Best Buy (cough-cough-sponsor-me-cough) to pick up another copy and place it where it belonged in the stacks.

Romantics - $1
At the heart of the story, it's all about the guy winning back his girl. Despite the laughs and the flesh-eating undead, Shaun is doing everything to prove to Liz that she should give him another chance. Some of the other elements take away a little of the romantic feel but they still did a decent job.

Billicious - $2
I can't recall exactly where I came across this movie. I want to say that it was either my sister or one of my old coworkers, but whoever it was must have known me well enough to know that I would love SotD. It has zombies... it has humor... it has British accents... I love it! I don't really know what else to say, so I will just stop there.
Total Rating: $8

If you find yourself staying in with your favorite lad or lass and can't decide what to watch then go to the store and grab Shaun of the Dead. There is enough zombie gore to keep him happy, enough chivalry to keep her happy, and enough simple laughs to keep you both happy. Give it a try, and if you don't agree then I will give you a dollar. Seriously. If you can tell me that you tried this movie and legitimately did not enjoy it at all then I will pay you one American dollar. (Limited time offer. See store for details.)

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