Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hannibal Rising

Let me start by saying that I had very mixed expectations going into this movie. I've owned the book for almost 2 years now and haven't read it yet, so when the DVD finally made its way to the $4.99 sale at Best Buy I said screw it and just bought it. I am a big fan of the whole Lecter series and was scared by both the movie AND the book of Silence of the Lambs.

This is the fourth movie in the series, but is actually a prequel, and is the only one that doesn't include Anthony Hopkins. Hannibal Rising brings us back to the childhood and origin of the brilliantly mad Hannibal Lecter and what drove the genius to such barbaric yet elegant acts.

Running Time: 130 minutes
Original Release: 2007

On to the rankings...
(Need a rating system reminder?)
Death - $2
While there could have been more death considering the main character, the quantity that we did get was well spread out through the film and kept me waiting for the next victim to get what's coming to them. Variety and creativity were both solid. From ninja swords to cannibalism, each murder was as unique as it was deserved.

Acting - $1
A cast of relative unknowns (or at least unfamiliars) didn't do half bad... and did at least twice as well as I was expecting. The relationships between some of the characters seemed odd, but I think this was intentional and therefore not distracting or annoying. My biggest frustration was the slew of accents... we have French, German, Japanese and a few I couldn't quite place all blending together. Also... didn't Hannibal always sound British?

Repeat Play - $1
I will definitely be watching this again, but not right away. I think this is one of those movies where I will want to see it with other people to see how they react to it. I don't always have the same opinions on movies as most folks (which is why I write this nonsense) and I am curious as to whether or not other Hannibal fans will agree that this isn't the disappointment many people expected.

Shock Value - $2
Interesting death and plot coupled with... wait for it... DOMINIC WEST. Don't know who that is? Get up right this second and go rent the first season of The Wire. Don't give me that look... get up and go right now. I can wait.
Back? Ok... I'll continue. We also learn where the flesh eating habits of Lecter originated with a slight twist on it towards the end. I won't spoil it though.

Billicious - $1
Underrated and not frequently seen, this is they type of movie I enjoy and hope to inspire you fine people to go out and try for yourself.

Total Rating: $7
This movie is part of how I spent a Saturday night, and I am perfectly fine with that. An overall enjoyable experience and definitely a welcome addition to the Ten Dollar collection. This is also my first review post, so feel free to leave me any thoughts or feedback on the post or the movie itself.

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