Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reader's Choice

YOU decide what I watch!

I already have the next 4 or so reviews lined up (it's going to be a couch filled weekend folks), but as I was going through my collection the other day trying to figure out what to watch I realized that it shouldn't always be my choice.

So... why don't you head on over to the Full List and leave a comment or drop me an email to let me know what movie you would like me to watch and review. Feel free to let me know your first name, where you're from, and why you picked the movie and I'll give you a shout out in the post.

Hopefully this will keep me from reviewing too many comic-based films in a row!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

sweeney todd, donnie darko, and i really think you should buy the saw movies and review them!

Brent said...


Anonymous said...

Broken Arrow ... it's only the best movie ever made.