Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hot Rod

SNL's Andy Samberg plays Rod Kimble, a wanna-be stunt man still living with his mom where he receives constant verbal and physical torments from his step-father. Rod regularly attempts to prove his manhood to his step-dad through basement battle royals but is met with defeat time and time again. After another failed stunt attempt, Rod comes home to find that his step-father is going to die soon from a heart condition that they cannot afford the operation for. This sends Rod on a mission to raise enough money through his stunts to pay for the operation and have the opportunity to kick his step-father's ass. Rod and his unqualified crew of slackers - recently joined by his "I would" neighbor Denise, played by Isla Fisher - set up a series of rigorous training exercises to get Rod ready for the biggest jump of his life... over 15 school buses. Can he raise the money? Can he save his step-fathers life only to beat the crap out of him and earn respect as a man? Can he earn the love of Denise? I'm not telling... read the ratings, then watch the movie!

Original Release: 2007
Running Time: 88 minutes
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Hardee-Har-Har - $2
If you enjoy the Digital Shorts or any of Samberg's other SNL performances than you will enjoy Hot Rod. Samberg dominates the film, but is supported by a slew of other strong comedians - some from the SNL realm and some not. The random silly humor that would expect is exactly what you get - and then some - between his sidekicks, totem animals, and a punch-dance scene.

Acting - $1
Again, you pretty much get what you would expect here. They shouldn't make any room on the mantle for an Oscar, but it is better than what you see on SNL and in most of the SNL-heavy movies (cough cough Superstar cough). Samberg is believable as the lovable loser and everyone else carries their own weight or more. Not really much else to say here. It is what it is. Not awe-inspiring but not terrible.

Repeat Play - $1 $2
Hot Rod is at a slight disadvantage here only because it is a comedy. There are few that I can watch repeatedly. I was tempted to give this $2, but I think I will stick with the one. I've watched it a few times since I bought it and manage to laugh at new parts every time. You know what... screw it... I'm giving it $2. And I will probably watch it in the next few days (after I watch a couple for fresh reviews).

Pump up the Jams - $2
Two of Hearts... I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight... and more! I love the music selection for Hot Rod. It is a mix of random classics from the 80's and 90's that work perfectly with the quirky humor and the various training/stunt scenes. The music itself is awesome, but the way it fits perfectly into the movie is even better. Am I being too generous today?

Billicious - $2
I feel like I might be sounding like a broken record, but this is the kind of movie that inspired me to do this blog. I don't know many (or any) people that have seen Hot Rod and it is way too funny to not be widely known. Adam Sandler and Will Ferrel can pretty much put any piece of crap comedy out now and people will go see it because they just don't know any better and aren't aware of movies like this that fly under their radar. I love it and I think you will too.
Total Rating: $9

Hot Rod is an off-the-beaten path comedy that I think has not gotten even close to the credit it deserves. It's not the second coming of Christ, but it does have a pretty awesome Jew so swing by your local video store and rent the hell out of it. Or, if you know me, I might be willing to let you borrow it... or at least come over and watch it with me. That's a wrap for now, but you'll be hearing from me again very soon. It's always nice to hear from you too, so feel free to leave any thoughts you have.

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